Here is what has happened so far this year...

Here is a round up of our year

by Coach/gymnast Emma Frith

& Gabriella Cooksley.


 Yet again, another fantastic year for Hartford School of Gymnastics. As the year draws to a close, we are reflecting back on all the brilliant events and memories that the club have experienced.

January: The display team welcomes new members.

In January, the club welcomed a brand new display team that quickly picked up the key elements of being a display member. The girls soon learnt how to perfect balances both in groups or in pairs, dance and perform skills in time to music and most importantly, encourage one another and work together as a team.

In the mean time, several new skills were learnt by both the recreational and squad gymnasts.
The pre-school sessions jam packed full of fun, were also helping our younger gymnasts to gradually gain confidence when on the equipment.

March: Hartford girls pass county grades with flying colours, whilst the BG Medal Team were in action in Glasgow.

On the 5th and 6th March, 11 of our gymnasts competed at the Women's Artistic County Grades in Liverpool. In total, achieving 6 distinctions and 5 commendations - leaving the coaches and parents extremely proud!

The 11th and 12th March was another very busy weekend, however this time, it was the BG Ceremonies Team that were in action. Together, the team of 9 travelled up to Glasgow to present the medals at the World Cup, Men's Under 14 Championships and the Women's British Team Championships.

April: BG Medal Team caught on camera at the Men's and Women's British Championships and Kerry Gillies represents Cheshire and Merseyside.

On the 8th April, another long weekend began for the BG Ceremonies Team. This time, the team of 12 were handing out medals at the 2016 British Championships. Another brilliant weekend where in which the girls did a spectacular job. You might've even seen them on the BBC!

The 23rd April saw Kerry Gillies competing in the Regional Grades Finals, representing Cheshire and Merseyside. The Grade 3 team achieved an amazing 1st place and Kerry, a 2nd place overall. Another memorable achievement for the Green Army!

Meanwhile, the Vets gymnasts were working hard, preparing for their competition in August. The squad girls working towards their up and coming Cheshire and Merseyside 2 piece competition in May and the boys making preparations for their Regional 2 piece in June.

May: Katie Ridge and Molly Seddon claim Cheshire and Merseyside 2 Piece titles in their respective categories

The Cheshire and Merseyside 2 piece took place on the 8th and 9th May, many of the girls competing for the first time at county level or a new level entirely. The girls performing incredibly as always, showcasing their skills and taking everything in their stride with a smile on their faces. Hartford scooped up a haul of medals including two county titles.

As summer began to approach the display team found themselves performing at a variety of different summer fates and events. Impressing large audiences with their brilliant skills, balances, dance and persistence - whatever the weather! A new adventure for the majority of this new display team, but they proved to everyone that they can work brilliantly as a team supporting each other throughout.

June: Hartford Sets and the boys Regional 2 Piece.

Hartford Sets took place on the 19th June, which was another successful competition day. Resulting in very happy children, coaches and parents, an abundance of medals and hundreds of personal goals achieved. We, as a club, could not be more proud and having visiting clubs from Frodsham and the Wirral join us made the day all the more enjoyable.

The boys Regional 2 piece was held on the 24th June in Wigan. Our boys squad made us very proud again.

July: Multiple medal events for the BG Medal Team who were in action at 7 different events

The 2nd and 3rd July was another extremely busy weekend for Hartford School of Gymnastics with our BG Ceremonies Team attending the British Tumbling,Trampoline and DMT Championships for the entire weekend. We also held a Fun Day and Pre Olympic Party to raise money towards our new floor.

July 16th was a great day for our little super stars. Our pre-school gymnasts received their achievement certificates, awarded to them for working so hard in their weekly gymnastics sessions.

The BG Ceremonies Team were back at it again from the 28th - 31st July, presenting medals at the British Gymnastics Championship Series, which involves 4 different disciplines. Yet, as always, the girls did not disappoint, taking everything in their stride, no matter how many last minute changes and mad dashes from one building to another that they encountered.

August: Michelle Oakes wins Novice Over 40s Trampolining at National Championships.

On the 4th August, one of our parents, Vicky (Bethany's Mum), took a giant leap out of an aircraft, sky diving to help raise funds for our new sprung floor. The support we receive from our parents is remarkable, something that we are extremely thankful for.

On the 6th August, Kathryn, Michelle, Suzie, Megan and Emma competed in the British Over 18 Championships (Vets) in Lilleshall. Emma Frith moved up to Pro Level after competing and medalling in the top 3 for 3 years at Intermediate Level. Competing new and much harder skills for the first time she finishes 3rd on bars. Despite injuring her ankle before competing and only having 2 weeks of training prior, Megan Palmer found herself coming 4th overall with some fantastic routines! Kathryn Sissons too performed some fantastic routines, however this time on trampoline, also narrowly missing out on a medal. Suzie Eyre, having never competed at a gymnastics competition before, did brilliantly, coming 10th overall in her category. And finally, Michelle Oakes, last competing on trampoline 19 years ago, found herself performing 2 clean and incredible routines which resulted in her becoming the 2016 Women's Novice Over 40 Trampolining British Champion. A mass of great results and achievements.

September: Rea Gaskill claims bars gold and floor bronze at the North West championships.

After the Summer Holidays, 5 of our girls competed in the North West Women's Artistic Regional Competition. Wowing us with clean routines, executed brilliantly! This was the first time at Regional level for Ella, Rea, Bethany and Rhea and what a debut. Rhea C narrowly missed out on a medal after being placed 4th on beam. Ella and Bethany had worked really hard on skill detail and it showed in their performances. Hannah performed really well in a strong field. Rea G put the sparkle on her floor routine and then impressed us all with a flawless bar routine.

November: Ella Gaskill wins Level 6 Age 11 Cheshire and Merseyside Championships.

November saw 8 of our girls competing in the Cheshire and Merseyside 4 piece Championships held in Liverpool. Many competing in a 4 piece competition for the first time and others competing at a new level. Many personal goals and new skills were debuted as well as a handful of medals.

Later in November, Hartford School of Gymnastics jumped on the bandwagon, joining in with the crazy trend of the Mannequin Challenge. We like to have fun whilst we're working hard! Watch the video posted earlier in the year to see Team Hartford's version.

December: Beth Tweddle joins us at Hartford Sets and Andy Cannon passes coaching exam.

As 2016 began to draw to a close, we hosted another Hartford Sets Competition in Knutsford (4th December). With over 300 gymnasts, 6 visiting schools and gymnastics clubs, a brilliant family of coaches, helpers, and proud relatives. Everybody came together excellently and the final competition of the year couldn't have been better, we even had a special visit from Beth Tweddle! In addition to this Andy Cannon passed his coaching qualification with flying colours!

On the whole, 2016 was a truly spectacular year. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people for supporting our club. Thank you to Friends of Hartford for all of their hard work organising events to help us reside money towards our new floor. Thank you to Andy Simpson at The Guardian for featuring all of our stories in the sports pages of the Northwich Guardian. Finally thank you to all of our members, without whom we wouldn't have a club.

Photo's to match the stories can be found on our Facebook page... Hartford school of gymnastics. 


Cheshire & Merseyside Womens Artistic 4 piece Championships


1 County Champion & 8 Superstars!!!

A great weekend of competing at the Women's Artistic Cheshire & Merseyside 4 piece Championships held in Liverpool. There were clubs from all over our County competing and once again the standard of the girls competing had gone up. Where some skills were previously considered the moves only done by high level gymnasts, these moves were being performed by children with only a few years competition experience and performing them ...really well too.

Our 8 girls had been working hard towards their own personal goals (individual targets set before every competition) and they certainly showed that hard work pays off. They showed confidence, enthusiasm, technical ability and great team spirit throughout, we were really proud of them all.



Not only did Ella win overall, she also came 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 4th Beam and 3rd on floor..... a great set of results from brilliant routines.

Bethany Egerton - 4th Bars, 3rd Beam, 4th Floor & 5th Overall

Rea Gaskill - 2nd Bars, 2nd Floor and 4th Overall

Taylor - 7th Bars, 6th Beam, 7th Floor & 7th Overall

It was great to see a podium full of Hartford gymnasts.

Level 6 also saw some impressive routines from these gymnasts too,

Katie Ridge, Mollie Stamper-Clark, Molly Seddon along with Taylor competed for the first time in a 4 piece championships with Molly Seddon making an impressive debut in artistic competitons coming 6th on Bars and 9th on floor.

The girls certainly showed that they are ones to be watched for the future showing great technical skills along with enthusiasm and a determination to do their best.

Level 5 saw Rhea Carless showcase some of her new skills in a higher skill level group. She achieved all of her personal goals and also took on the roll of mentor for Molly with it being her first "big" comp.

Bobby Frith and myself had a great 2 days with some amazingly talented gymnasts, and we are very proud of all of their achievements. #greendreamteam #hartfordsog #greenarmy










Great, clean routines from all of the girls, with Ella, Rea & Bethany in Level 6, Rhea in Level 5 and Hannah in Level 4 senior. 

This was the first time at Regional level for Ella Gaskill, Rea Gaskill, Bethany Egerton and Rhea Carless and what a debut.

Rhea C narrowly missed out on a medal after being placed 4th on beam.

Ella and Bethany had worked really hard on skill detail and it showed in their performances.

Hannah Blain performed really well in a strong field.

Rea G put the sparkle on her floor routine which resulted in a Bronze medal, then impressed us all with a flawless bar routine that placed her in the Gold medal position.

Well done girls, you made Team Hartford very proud.



British Vets Championships 2016


  It was one of those special days that only dreams are made of.
The British Vets championships at Lilleshall national sports centre.
Perseverance and determination was the key to the training for all of the girls.
Emma Frith - had moved up to Pro level and set herself the target of 2 new dynamic skills to perform... And she did, with style and a lot of courage. Her Tsukahara on vault and Giant circles on bars were amazing and showed just how hard she had worked to achi...eved them. We are very proud of her for seeing her goal and not stopping until she had achieved it.
Megan Palmer - only had 2 weeks of training prior to the comp after injuring her ankle. However, Megan wasn't going to take thing easy, she altered some of her skills and went into the comp with a positive attitude which showed in great performances on all pieces and 4th place overall. Well done Megan.
Kathryn Sissons - having suffered a knee injury at last years comp resulting in a fall on her last skill, Kathryn was determined to see 2 clean trampoline routines through to the end. After a tidy set routine she upped her skill level to the maximum difficulty and performed a brilliant routine, narrowingly missing out on a medal by only .1 Well done Kitty!
Suzie Eyre - had never competed in a gymnastic comp before. She had to learn new skills along with gymnastic terminology to help her achieve some of the required elements. A new beam routine and a full floor sequence showed that Suzie was determined to do her best, and she did by achieving a credible 10th place overall. Well done.
Michelle Oakes - last competed on a trampoline 19 years ago.
After months of preparation and determination, we are delighted to announce that Michelle is now the Women's Novice Over 40s Trampolining British Champion. After performing 2 solid routines, Michelle beat her nearest rival by over 2 marks! A very worthy winner after delivering such clean routines. Well done Michelle, we are very proud!

Even our Ceremonies team worked hard, volunteering for BG, by leading gymnasts and presenting medals. April even carried her Mum's gold medal!

Our girls have had fantastic support from our coaching team who have always been there with encouragement and direction. We have also had amazing support from our "Green Army" of gymnast and parent supporters, some of whom travelled up to Lilleshall to cheer the team on. A huge THANK YOU to you all for helping us achieve our dreams.

 Follow the link to see the fantastic article Andrew Simpson, Guardian Sports Reporter wrote...



Girls County 2 piece

What a great competition and what amazing results from our girls lots of personal achievements & 2 County Champions!! 

Pre Novice 9 -

Molly Seddon 3rd Vault, 1st Floor, 1st Overall

Pre Novice 10 -

Eleanor Ma 5th Vault, 3rd Floor, 4th Overall

Pre Novice 12 -

Ruby Thomasson 6th Vault, 4th Floor, 5th OA

Novice 10 -

Katie Ridge 2nd Vault, 2nd Floor, 1st Overall

Mollie Stamper-Clark 4th Vault, 5th Floor, 4th OA

Novice 11 -

Sophie Morrin 3rd Vault, 4th Floor, 3rd OA

Taylor Jackson 5th Vault, 3rd Floor, 2nd OA

Novice 12 -

Grace Haigh 2nd Vault, 4th Floor, 4th Overall 



Even when the temperature went up, our team didn't falter. They showcased their new skills, took everything in their stride and came out with brilliant personal scores and a haul of medals. This made the coaching team and their families very proud. Well done girls!!



Grades Regional Finals

2nd place for Kerry & Gold team medal!! 


Very proud of this young lady today!
Regional grades finals, representing Cheshire &Merseyside.
1st place Grade 3 team & 2nd place Overall!!!
Kerry performed brilliantly on all pieces of apparatus after hard work and determination in her gym training....


BG Ceremonies Team at the British Championships in Liverpool 

The 2016 British Championships was a very busy weekend for the 12 strong team of: Michelle, Ashley, Emma, Gabriella, Rachel, Ella, Alex, Charlotte, Millie, Megan, Darla and Zoe. 

 The medal team did a fantastic job over the 3 days at the 2016 British Championships. With lots of changes to the format it wasn't always straight forward! If you came along to watch we hope you enjoyed it! We definitely did!


BG Ceremonies Team off to Glasgow World Cup

 This is the start of another very busy weekend....
but this time for our BG Ceremonies Team who are heading off to Glasgow for the World Cup,
Mens U14 Championships
& the Womens British Teams championships.
Good Luck everyone and have a great time.


 Cheshire & Merseyside County Grades 2016

 Great results from our County Grades girls....
Kerry Gillies is Grade 3 Champion and off to represent Cheshire & Merseyside at the Regional finals.

In total, our team of 11 amazing gymnasts achieved 6 Distinctions and 5 Commendations in their Grades.

Grade 5 - Taylor Jackson, Mollie Stamper-Clark, Katie Ridge, Megan Day, Sophie Morrin,

Grade 4 - Ella Gaskill, Rea Gaskill, Rhea Carless, Millie Harding, Ella Day

Grade 3 - Kerry Gillies

 We are very, very proud of them and their individual achievements.
WELL DONE Hartford Green Dream Team!!...
Big thanks to our judges Megan & Alex and to our Family supporters.



To 8 new members of our Display Team, Megan, Darla, Ariane, Chloe, Grace, Zoe, Jenny and Emily. They have joined Emma, April, Rachel, Gabriella, Charlotte and Coach Michelle and are currently working on new skills, balances and a new routine ready to perform in summer 2016.