Here is what has been happening so far this year.......


Boys Regional 2 piece Success


Our Veterans Team Shine


Kathryn Sissons, Megan Palmer, Jenny Martin & Emma Frith (L to R) 




The super 6 with their medals and trophies from County and Regional championships


North West Womens 4 piece Championships

Katie Ingham Novice Champion

Another busy weekend saw more medals and trophies gained by our 6 super gymnasts.

Katie Ingham, Novice champion plus 2nd Beam & 1st Floor

Hannah Blain 2nd Floor

Olivia Mullineux 2nd Beam

Abby Hassall 3rd Vault & 3rd Overall

Amy Hassall 3rd Beam & 1st Floor

Rachel Newsham 8th Vault


Cheshire & Merseyside County 4 piece Championships    

      Abby Hassall       Level-4 Senior    County Champion 

Olivia Mullineux  Novice County Champion

Hard work really does pay off as the girls went out to prove at this competition. They had taken on-board their results from the last comp and worked on new skills and connections to help to improve their individual routines and these were the results.

Level 4 Senior

Abby Hassall 1st Vault,  2nd Bars,  1st Beam, 1st Floor & County Champion

Amy Hassall 2nd Vault,  2nd Beam,  3rd Floor & 2nd Overall

Rachel Newsham 3rd Bars,  3rd Beam,  2nd Floor &  3rd Overall

Novice 14 years

Olivia Mullineux 2nd Bars,  3rd Beam,  1st Floor & County Champion

 Novice 11-12 years

Katie Ingham 3rd Vault,  3rd Bars,  1st Floor & 3rd Overall

Hannah Blain 2nd Bars,  2nd Beam &   2nd Overall

We are so very proud of all of our girls and it is a great sight to see when 1st, 2nd & 3rd places are being taken by Hartford gymnasts.


North West Team Championships

We took 6 of our girls to make up 2 teams for this competiton. Most teams had 5 gymnasts to choose from to compete on each piece as 3 scores counted  but we only had 3 girls in our Novice and Level 4 teams but that didn't stop them from putting in an amazing performance.

Novice team 4th Overall

Level 4 team 5th Overall

Well done girls, you have worked so hard over the summer you deserve these great results.


Our BG Medal Presentation team are off to the Glasgow World Cup

Our girls have again been asked to be the medal presentation team for British Gymnastics at a very prestigious event, The Glasgow World Cup,  being held at the Emirates Arena in December


Gymfusion Midlands


The team were the finale at the Midlands Gymfusion with their "Fire" routine  being performed for the last time. The girls pulled out all of the stops and wowed the audience again.

Well done Team for an amazing finish to a brilliant routine.



Boys Regional 2 piece

This is the first time the club has competed in this County Boys 2 piece Floor & Vault competition and we were very pleased and proud of our boys results after they had worked so hard in the gym.

Thomas Cannon is our new Boys 2 piece Cheshire & Merseyside Champion


Under 10 Level 1

Thomas Cannon  -  1st Vault & 2nd Floor

Cheshire & Merseyside Boys 2 piece Champion


Finbar Callaghan - 3rd Vault, 1st Floor & 2nd Overall

Jay Driscoll - 2nd Vault, 3rd Floor & 3rd Overall


2 boys competed in their first Level 1 Under 8 competition

Jude Roberts - 5th Vault, 5th Floor & 5th Overall

Reuben Cowell - 6th Vault, 6th Floor & 7th Overall

Well done Boys, you all did a great job.





Gymfest Irvine 2013

The routines speak for themselves!    

  2 amazing routines performed by one of the best Display Teams in the country. See for yourself on the links below.

We are so very, very proud of our Display Team for always flying the Hartford flag with style, enthusiasm and professionalism regardless of which event they are attending.  They really are a credit to themselves, their families and to our club.

Sunday "Fire" routine


 Friday "Quixote" routine




Girls County 2 piece Championships

 Wow, what an amazing County Competition for our girls. They had all been working their socks off for months with their sights set firmly on achieving a place in this competiton, and when the day came they raised the bar again and performed brilliantly with all of them walking away with medals



Pre-Novice 10 Years

Kerry Gillies 1st Vault,  1st Floor  

Cheshire & Merseyside 2 piece County Champion

Novice 12+ Years

Ewa Krzyzanowska 1st Vault, 3rd Floor

Cheshire & Merseyside 2 piece County Champion



Novice 12+ Years

Alana Hanley - 3rd Vault, 5th Floor & 3rd Overall

Ella Ronald - 5th Vault, 3rd Floor & 5th Overall

Ellie Glover - 2nd Vault, 6th Floor & 2nd Overall



Novice 10 Years

Ella Smith - 3rd Vault, 6th Floor & 3rd Overall

Ella Day - 3rd Vault, 7th floor & 6th Overall

Pre-Novice 10 years

Emily Leigh - 4th Vault, 1st Floor & 3rd Overall


Boys Regional Assessment Plan


Thomas Cannon in action on P-bars & Floor



National Gymfusion Sheffield

The whole Display team performed at this National event alongside Display Teams from up and down the country. Their "Fire" routine was commented on as being "amazing" by BG North West.

You can watch their whole routine by clicking on the link below.


Womens Regional Grades Finals

Wow, what a day. Our girls certainly stood out within their teams at the North West Regional Grades Finals held in Wigan.

They helped their team mates to medal victory and also claimed some top places individually too.

Grade 10

Abby Hassall              2nd Overall      2nd Place Team

Rachel Newsham         4th Overall      2nd Place Team

Grade 9

Amy Hassall               6th Overall      2nd Place Team

We are very proud of all of our girls and the hard work that they have put into achieving this level. Well done Team Hartford!


County Grades

4 of our Senior squad girls took part in the Womens Artistic Club Grades at the Cheshire & Merseyside County Competition:

Katie Ingham             Grade 11         2nd Place      Distinction

Abby Hassall              Grade 10        1st Place       Distinction

Rachel Newsham        Grade 10         3rd Place      Distinction

Amy Hassall               Grade 9          1st Place      Distinction        


The girls will now go on to represent the County at the North West Regional Finals. Well Done Girls.


British Gymnastics call up

8 of our Senior Squad Gymnasts have again been asked to be the medal presentation team for the British Gymnastics Championships at Liverpool Echo arena on 22nd, 23rd & 24th March.

Well done Girls, what a compliment!

2012 Medal presentation team for the British Gymnastics Championships at the Echo arena Liverpool