Our gym club was born in


  February 1997, here is how it




In March 1997, Charlie Oakes fulfilled his

dream and opened the doors of his very own

gymnastics club.


Prior to that Charlie had been coaching

gymnastics for 10 years at a club in Crewe.

Charlie spotted an old school building with

very limited space and a very low ceiling, but

this was somewhere he and his coaching team

called their second home!

We continued to work hard with our gymnasts

and coaches, helping them to achieve their

goals and to gain coaching qualifications.


After 7 years had passed it was obvious that

we were outgrowing our building not only in

membership numbers but our gymnasts were

getting taller too.

On February 1st 2004 we moved to our new

home in Anderton where the vault could run

alongside the floor and the gymnasts didn't

need to bend their legs when they went

around the bars.

Our gym family helped us to make the club a

friendly and enjoyable place to be and we

couldn't run it without them.


Our governing body, British Gymnastics

introduced their GymMark accreditation which

when awarded shows that a club is a safe,

child friendly environment, regularly audited

by a British Gymnastics Official. We achieved

this status in 2008.

Our club has continued to grow not only in

membership and our depth in coaching, but in

the level of gymnastics we achieve.


We have so far produced :-


County and Regional Womens Artistic 4 piece


County and Regional Womens Club Grades


Womens Club Grades National Team


Womens Artistic County Floor and Vault


Mens Artistic Regional Assessment qualifiers,

Mens 2 piece Regional champions,

A National Over 18 Intermediate Womens

Artistic Champion,

A National Over 18 Novice Trampoline


A National Over 40 Novice Trampoline


A National Over 30 Newbie Womens Artistic


A National Disabilities Under 12 Champion,

A National Disabilities Junior Champion ,

A National Disabilities Womens Champion,

County Trampoline Champions,

A Nationally recognised Gymnastic Display


A British Gymnastics Ceremonies Team,


and we are always continuing to work towards

achieving more.


Our club motto is.... "Who Grins, Wins!"