Here are some of the

comments we have received


about our club...



Leo absolutely loves his weekly gymnastics

session! He would go everyday if he could



Emily loved the pre-school classes, she still

remembers the parachute games, I think

she'd happily do them now at 11!

After one of our Club competitions....

A big thank you to everyone involved both

today, and back at the club. Scarlett went

tumbling over the vault today (twice!??) and

this time last year we would have had tears-

she got straight back up and finished it today.

The gym plays a big part in building resilience

and that was so evident today. 


Thank you for organising this event. It was

Sophie's first competition and she came away

with 3rd place in the Vault. Super proud all

around. Great atmosphere


I can't recommend this gymnastics club highly

enough. I have been taking my three year old

twins to the pre school classes for some weeks

now; they adore their time there. Their

confidence is growing, along with their

physical skills including balance, co-ordination

and strength. They are learning gymnastics,

at the same time as essential social skills such

as listening to and following instructions,

along with turn taking and patience. Both my

children absolutely adore the coaches, and

respond brilliantly to the skills based approach

to teaching. I look forward to seeing my twins

progress further, and most importantly,

continue to enjoy themselves, in future

months at Hartford.


 My daughter has been coming to the club for

6 years. She thoroughly enjoys herself every

session. The coaching is excellent, safety,

safeguarding and first aid are dealt with

appropriately and the team provide an

encouraging and caring environment for her to

develop her gymnastics. She has taken part in

a number of club competitions providing her

with amazing life experiences (winning and

losing!). Highly recommended.


Fantastic atmosphere and friendly coaches. My

Daughter has been going for years and still

progressing and enjoying herself. Inspired by

her, and encouraged by Charlie, I have been

coming to the adult gymnastics sessions for a

couple of years and it's great fun - all abilities

welcomed! I always recommend it wherever I



My daughter has been going now for around a

month she loves it and what a wonderful

team, they've made us feel very welcomed.


My children love it here. They have been

coming here for 7 years, and have gained so

much confidence and enjoy learning new

gymnastics skills here. All of the coaches work

so hard with the children, they put so much

time and effort in with the children in training

and at competitions, the children make loads

of new friends. It makes them happy and

confident coming to the gym.


Hartford school of gymnastics is a big part of

my child's life and she loves it. My children

have attended this gym for a couple of years

now. They live and breath gymnastics. The

enjoyment they get out of going is beyond

words. The skills they have learnt and

achievements they have ascertained are

above and beyond what I could ever have

imagined when they first joined. The coaches

are outstanding and patient in their explaining

of each step of a skill, down to the practical

completion of each skill. My children have

come here and made friends with other

children and coaches that stand inside as well

as outside of gym. The coaches are friendly

and have a high level of expertise in all things

gymnastics, most of them starting off as a

young child themselves at this gym. This gym

has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere

from the moment you step through the door,

and has produced may outstanding gymnasts

at all levels of competition. As a parent on the

outside looking in, I feel very welcome and

very proud of what this gym has helped my

children to achieve and look forward to what

else my children have to learn. I would

recommend this gym to anyone wishing to

take up gymnastics.


My 4 year old had her first session today and

she loved it , she cant wait to return next

week, highly recommended ! Fantastic club,

fantastic coaches.


My daughter has been coming here for 5 years

and loves it x I loved it here and now my son

loves going too!!


 Thank you Charlie and Michelle for an

amazing year, Lil is very lucky to be part of

such a great club.


So proud that my 2 are part of such a

fantastic club!