Anyone can join our club.



Here's how to....



  E-mail, telephone or check the website for

which classes are available to suit your

requirements and the age of your child.

Our classes are planned initially for the age of

the children, so it is very important that the

children attend a class that is

specifically designed for their age. This is to

ensure that they enjoy their gymnastics




Contact us to ensure we have spaces



 Telephone:  01606 782658


 Your First Visit


  •  Arrive at the gym 10 minutes prior to the

    class starting to fill in a club

    registration form  - 

Please note: The membership forms must be filled in by a

parent/guardian before taking part in a class


  • Pay the session fee for your

     child/children before the class starts.

  • Your child can then take part in a gym


  • Collect your child from inside the gym at

     the end of the session.  

  • On your 3rd visit, log onto British

     Gymnastics and make your child a new

     member of our governing body.

Please note:    Your child can only

continue attending gymnastics classes if

they have current BG Membership .


Children are not permitted to wait

outside or leave the building without an

adult with them, & please make sure that

they have outside clothing on before

leaving the building.



What to Wear: 

  •  Leotards for recreational gymnastics are

     not compulsory.                      

  • Suitable clothing would be....

     Shorts/joggers/leggings and a t-shirt.

  • Bare feet in the gym and a warm hoodless

     top for warm up. 

  • Hair which falls into the eyes when leaning

     forward and is below the shoulder must be

     tied & clipped up. 


Jewellery must not be worn. Earings should

be preferably removed or if recently pierced,

covered with tape BEFORE arriving at the



Please make sure that ALL CHILDREN






  • British Gymnastics Membership:  

      In keeping in line with British Gymnastics

policies and our Gym Mark Accreditation, ALL

children & adults who take part in a

Gymnastics/Pre-school class at our gym, must

have up to date BG membership.  This should

be renewed every September or new

members can register at any point throughout

the year.


To become a British Gymnastics member,

log onto and click

on the Membership link.


 New gymnasts to our club must

become members of BG after their

3rd visit to a gym class.

Once you have made your child a member,



please email our club with your membership

details (log back into the BG website and

check your own page for the membership



More details of BG membership can be found on

the British Gymnastics Membership page of our web